Process Transformation Services

Process Transformation Services

Continuous delivery needs a culture of
Continuous process

Digital businesses need speed, continuity, and innovation to develop, test, and deploy software within minutes

Continuous delivery

One of the distinguishing features of the digital era, is the lightning speed of innovation. Digital unicorns such as Amazon update their core services at an astonishing frequency of 23,000 times/day, which means that deployment lead times are in minutes!!

Process Transformations

This kind of digital warp speed demands a continuous ability to develop, test, and successfully deploy software with high-reliability at stunningly low lead times, which is accomplished through Agile and DevOps for development and deployment processes.

coMakeIT’s co-Innovation model has an in-built element of agile development processes, and automation tailored to suit the business and product needs.

However, we also realize that many of our customers are not equipped to embrace either agile or DevOps, and need help in transforming their core development and deployment processes, which is precisely what our Agile and Devops transformation services deliver.

Agile Transformations

Irrespective of your current development processes, we can help you transform and adopt best-in-class agile development practices. With our deep insights, and extensive expertise in implementing distributed agile practices, we are the perfect partner to guide your agile transformation, and help you realize tangible business outcomes. Our Agile consulting services include the following:

  • Mapping organizational life-cycle to agile landscape
  • Agile coaching and transformation
  • Automation & tooling for Agile

Agile Transformations

Agile Transformations

DevOps Transformations

DevOps Transformations

DevOps is in many ways an outgrowth or extension of Agile. While the traditional Agile approach preached a collaborative way of building software products in an iterative manner, it is largely silent in terms of delivery, and deployment, i.e. the operations side. DevOps is an integrated practice encompassing the entire life-cycle of a product from its inception, to delivery, and support.

We enable your DevOps transformation with a mature set of services including:

  • Assessment of current development and operational processes
  • Strategic plan for DevOps adoption
  • Tooling & automation
  • DevOps implementation assistance

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Key elements of DevOps

devops elements

The key elements of DevOps culture as shown in the above image are:

Collaborative Culture: True DevOps is a transformation initiative to bring about a culture of collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the software value chain.

Continuous Everything: DevOps strives to achieve continuous deployment capabilities. This entails continuous development, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery, continuous monitoring, and continuous improvement. In short, DevOps pursues Continuous Everything!

Automation and Tooling: A successful DevOps strategy requires usage of tools specific to your tech-stack to automate most of the repetitive operations involved in the DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production) Street.

Any product business that aims to successfully adopt DevOps must evaluate its organizational maturity on three critical aspects namely: people, process, and technology. Understanding the capabilities and gaps on these aspects will help you come up with a practical roadmap for DevOps adoption, which is a continuous improvement process, and not a one shot magic bullet.