coMakeIT turns 10!

Glimpses from a myriad of celebrations for
our 10th Anniversary

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Continuous Disruption demands Continuous Innovation

Embrace continuous innovation as a growth strategy driven by TOP Cloud TM

Continuous Innovation E-book


Majority of innovations are software-driven

Transform into a software company and innovate continuously

Every company is a software company E-book


'Product-centric' approach to
software is fueling innovation

Transform your IT with a ‘Product-centric” approach to software delivery


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Building a great software product needs a strong product organization

The key to building a great product is to ensure that organizationally you have the right people in the right roles, complemented by the right process. The needs of a product organization are not static, but they change and evolve along with the product lifecycle.

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System Integrators need global delivery capabilities to grow their business

In todays dynamic technology landscape, System Integrators need a core differentiator that can be a continuous engine of growth in an ultra-competitive business environment.


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Team Operations Platform (TOP CloudTM)

Our solutions & services are delivered through Team Operations Platform  or TOP CloudTM, a unique and proprietary framework developed through keen insights and decades of experience in building and delivering enterprise class products and services to a global clientele.

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Product Engineering Services

Our portfolio of product engineering services are designed to complement your innovation capabilities and strengthen your ability to handle complex technology and engineering challenges.

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