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Connected products and services

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In a connected world
Every company is a software company

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Digital demands
Continuous Value

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In a global economy
Distributed innovation is the norm

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Industrialization of software development

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Every business is a digital business

IoT and the exponential increase in the number of smart products and devices has given rise to a new connected landscape, in which multiple products and devices coexist and interact (Platform ecosystem) with each other. In this connected landscape, every business is transformed into a digital business. To deal with the challenges of continuous technology disruption, these digital businesses must acquire mature competencies in continuous software innovation.


Digital demands continuous value

In an always on digital environment, the emphasis is no longer merely on delivering a set of features or functions, but also on supporting a continuously evolving user-experience. Digital businesses must have the capacity for continuous innovation to meet the digital demand for continuous value.

Software factory

The demand for delivering continuous value and meet the evolving and changing consumer needs in a fast-paced technology world is driving the industrialization of software development, and the emergence of a software factory.


Distributed software factory

Distributed development helps businesses overcome a multitude of challenges and reap enormous benefits including, gaining access to highly skilled talent, operational flexibility, scalability, and cost optimization. A fully integrated, distributed software factory delivers seamlessly, with contributions from geographically distributed teams and can be a strategic differentiator for digital businesses.

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TOP CloudTM is coMakeIT’s unique delivery platform that is used to setup a distributed software factory, tailored for the customer’s specific needs, and consists of multiple methodologies and services. The various components of TOP CloudTM are used in an integrated manner to operationalize the customer team, and to setup and run a distributed software factory.

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