Agile Development

Product 1.0

In the lifecycle of any software product, 1.0 release is a vital milestone in realizing the product roadmap. With our Product 1.0 services, we:

  • Build and deliver the first GA (General Availability) version
  • Deliver a product with well-rounded functionality, non-functional features, and customer delight enhancements
  • Enable you to reduce time-to-market, mitigate technology and delivery risks, and facilitate quick scaling

Product Development

Whether it is executing your product roadmap, or transforming your solution into a product, in this connected landscape, software product development is agile, flexible, and iterative. Product development (innovation) is also no longer about big-bang releases, but about the ability to deliver a stream of continuous innovation. We provide a complete suite of product development services, including:

  • Release planning
  • Backlog creation and prioritization
  • Sprint planning and Sprint execution (including code reviews, unit testing, test case development and functional testing)
  • Deployment

Product Development



Agile Implementation


Agile transformation

With our deep insights and extensive expertise in implementing distributed agile practices, we are the perfect product innovation partner to help you realize tangible business outcomes. Agile software product development is an integral part of our core software product engineering services, and includes the following:

  • Mapping organizational life-cycle to agile landscape
  • Agile coaching, scrum training, and adoption of best practices for distributed agile development
  • Automation & tooling for agile

Irrespective of their current development environment, we also help our customers adopt best-in-class agile software product development practices.


DevOps is a natural outgrowth or extension of agile. While the traditional agile approach preached a collaborative way of building software products in an iterative manner, it is largely silent in terms of delivery, and deployment, i.e. the operations side. DevOps is an integrated practice encompassing entire life-cycle of a product from its inception, to delivery, and support.

We help our customers realize continuous development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment through the following services

    • Assessment of current development and operational processes
    • Strategic plan for DevOps adoption
    • Tooling & automation
    • DevOps implementation assistance



DevOps Transformations

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