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Lockdown ki कहानियां  is a compendium of stories and experiences of our employees, as they deal with the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19, and continue to fulfill their responsibilities through remote work-from-home.

Meri lockdown ki kahaani

Meri lockdown ki kahaani

Hearing the sounds of different birds and squirrels along with the alarm…

Lock down ki Kahani

Lock down ki Kahani

Coffee breaks are more interesting now as they have become mini dance…

Lock down ki Kahani, Himant ki Zubani…

Lock down ki Kahani,…

I am sharing my experience during this lockdown period, staying at home,…

be the change

A unique initiative to promote the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of United Nations, with a set of 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), and 170 easy-to-follow actions in our daily lives.


Daily Action 6.2 - Conserve, conserve, conserve. When ice-cubes are left over from a drink, don’t throw them away.


Daily Action 13.7 – Organise for your school or company to plant new trees every year. Trees give oxygen and take in carbon...

action 04

Daily Action 1.9 – Volunteer in homeless shelters. Your time can be more valuable than money. #UNSDG Goal 1 :No poverty...


InRoads is an informal forum to encourage conversation about technology, tools, architecture, and design. Through these sessions, we try to share the vast accumulated expertise, experiences, and insights of our people with the rest of the company. These informal forums provide a great opportunity to bounce off ideas, discuss experiences (both good and bad experiences are valuable!), and learn from each other.

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Project Green Bean (PGB), is our unique effort to attract fresh graduates from some of the leading universities and colleges in India. Through this programme, we impart rigorous training to many talented youngsters.  After training, these graduates are placed as interns in customer teams, which absorb them as full-time employees after a short period of incubation.

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