Engagement Model

Whether you are an ISV or a similar company, your vision for software product development, may manifest itself in many ways. You may be designing a new product or improving an existing product, or incubate your ideas to see your innovative product take concrete shape. coMakeIT understands your current priority and helps you realize your product development goal by extending your team in India.

Our set of layered services can be customized to meet your unique offshoring needs. This will ensure that you get optimum value by choosing the setup that perfectly fits your needs and meets your organizational challenges.

Shared Services

Our Shared Services stack comprises a host of components in HCD, Infrastructure and Administration and Development Support Services.

Human Capital Development

The HCD function constitutes a world class HRM team supported by the ARG strategy. The ARG strategy makes sure that the right set of people are hired to complement the product development capabilities of the existing home team, and the offshore team is seamlessly plugged into the parent team.

Infrastructure and Administrative Services

As a part of Infrastructure and Administrative Services, we provide facilities and office administration, which also includes IT Infrastructure, technology assistance and support. These services ensure seamless technology integration of the local and offshored teams.

Development Support Services

The Development Support Services aim at increasing the R&D efficiency while focusing on cost optimization. These services make sure that the customer team is supported to reach optimum levels of efficiency and improvement in software R&D.

Shared Services

Capacity Extension

Our capacity extension services are the actual building blocks for implementing the team extensions tailored to your needs. Our Capacity Extension Services guarantee you a fully transparent environment that is completely in your control. All the tasks, processes and customer communication are integrated securely into your own organization.

Team Extension

Extends the capacity of your team by adding the right talent to accomplish independent R&D tasks. You may get started by adding a small number of software engineers ranging from three to five, who devotedly work on specific tasks allocated by you.

Department Extension

Extends the capacity by setting up a complete, dedicated team for your product development activities. You may extend a department by adding five to fifteen software engineers.

Company Extension

Extends the capacity by setting up a full-fledged delivery center. The strength of the center may range from fifty to hundred employees. The team operates like a company and is managed by a director.


Center of Excellence (COE)

The Center of Excellence (COE) provides additional assistance at each phase of setting up a team and extending your R&D efforts, irrespective of the type of team extension.

Onboarding Management

We can speed up your process in setting up the offshore development team and reduce your time to market. This will be achieved by building a team implementation plan in collaboration with you. This will help you focus solely on work allocation and project management.

Speed Lab

This is intended to accelerate your building of proof of concepts or completely new products developed from scratch.

Expert Center

We can partner with you while you develop your product strategy by sharing our knowledge and expertise from the perspective of software architecture, new product design and development and product expansion.



Technology Migration

Are you stuck with legacy technology and you wish to migrate to new or latest technology? coMakeIT can ease up your process by taking ownership of entire process of migration. Our knowledge and expertise in this area, coupled with our ability to build the right team with the right talent, makes migration an effortless activity.

SaaS -enabling

As an ISV, you may be planning to move over to the cloud and SaaS-enable your offerings. This comes with many challenges. coMakeIT has the expertise and experience in building teams that design, architect, develop and test different types of SaaS products and applications across verticals.

We can help you create a SaaS ecosystem that comprises provisioning, metering, securing and reporting.


While realizing your dream to develop innovative products, you may face some challenges with regard to executing your ideas and see your product take concrete shape. Sometimes you may not find the right talent to develop the product. coMakeIT’s Lab2Factory solution speeds up your process by developing 1.0 version of your product. We achieve this by forming development teams that works closely with the core team for the entire product lifecycle.

Mobile Development

When you wish to develop applications for a host of handheld devices such as personal digital assistants, mobile phones and phablets, coMakeIT can set up dedicated teams for you who can deliver on your development vision. We partner with you to provide specialized engineering team that is well-versed in latest technologies to scale up your R&D efforts in the mobile domain.

Product Life Cycle Management

Different phases in the life cycle of a software product pose different challenges and require different types of skills and competencies. Successful product development is not a one-off event, but a continuous effort divided into different phases. It involves extensive development effort and retention of the know-how or IP (Intellectual Property). Our Customer Owned Offshore Development Center meets requirements at different phases of the development: new product development, product expansion and handling mature products.

Proof of Concept

When you wish to test your concept for creating a software product, you may not want to take the risk of executing your proof of concept with your core development team. coMakeIT can partner with you to take up the POC projects by forming a special project team for our Center of Excellence. We can help you build an add-on for an existing product, test new technology adoption, migrate your product or mobile or SaaS-enable your product.

QA Testing

Quality testing is always on top of the mind for ISVs. Quality testing applies to different stages of product development. coMakeIT can share your roadmap for testing by setting extended teams that take up Whitebox testing and follow the principles of test-driven development.


Depending on the customers’ requirements, ISVs may want to customize the software product to meet their specific needs and preferences. coMakeIT has significant expertise in implementing your customization plans through standards process.


Our consultants from the Expert Center can help you in many aspects of software product development such as setting up a remote development team, finetuning the development process to meet high quality requirements and architecting a new product based on new technologies.