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an AI-powered Agile DevOps platform

Autotaak is coMakeIT’s proprietary, cloud-based, integrated ALM platform that enables end-to-end automation of application development to deployment pipeline. This AI-powered platform uses bots to automate every aspect of your application lifecycle from product conceptualization, release & sprint planning, to development, integration, testing, and deployment.

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Integrate your tools and automate workflow

Autotaak 3

Plug-and-play integration of major software development and delivery tools including Jira, Git Hub, Jenkins, Sonarcube, & Docker

Autotaak 4

Populates with boiler plate code and default test cases for chosen environments

Autotaak 5

Automation of workflow across the application lifecycle


Autotaak 6

AI-powered automation of most routine tasks including creation of new project, allocation of resources, assigning code repository, triggering builds, integrations, and code quality reviews, executing test scripts, and pushing code to containers

Autotaak 7

Comprehensive support for agile workflow management including sprint backlog, sprint planning, burndown etc.

Visualize and manage your application pipeline

  • Visualize your application progress and status in real-time
  • With a unified display track key metrics such as sprint status, sprint backlog, build status, code quality, release status etc.
  • Issue and ticket tracking and automated triggering of new tickets
  • Analytics and drilldown capabilities to the level of individual developer and build/release branch


Driving innovation and growth of businesses across diverse domains

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