7 Signs It’s Time to Offshore

Great ideas happen to businesses all the time.

However, despite the innovative ideas and compelling vision to grow, businesses are unable to execute their growth plan because of challenges such as lack of  capacity or market expertise. Whether an organization is looking to design a new product, improve an existing one or they are looking to scale up their R&D operations to achieve faster growth, they are cumulatively in need of a strategy that will provide them with a partner for growth and scaling of operations.

80% of the biggest software companies are already offshoring in one way or another. Do you want to find out if your business is ready to offshore too? Check out our cool infographic listing seven signs that will help you gauge if you are.

7 signs it's time to offshore

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      Steven ten Napel, CEO

      Steven is a co-founder and CEO of coMakeIT. He has extensive experience in setting up and managing large scale, distributed development centers for global technology companies across Europe, North America, and India

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