How to Implement Agile in Distributed Software Development

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Software development is a people and knowledge-centric business. The process of setting up and operating a distributed innovation involves aligning people, their knowledge and the overall business ambition of the company. Offshoring endeavours thrive in the atmosphere of trust and transparency. It is crucial that trust is established mutually and there is no better way to accomplish this than by being honest and transparent from the very beginning. Irrespective of your location, when you create a collective ambition, people will be at their best in contribution.

Agile has been a buzzword for years, but today it has become the methodology of choice for developing software. While some project teams can be organized, many projects are undertaken by implementing Agile in distributed software development.

With the advancements in information and communication technologies, Agile principles can now be easily implemented in a distributed development environment. The right offshore development partner would be able to work with you and support the Agile methodologies. The infographic below shows the process of how you can implement Agile in distributed software development and some tips for ensuring that your plans for product development are successful.

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    10 effective metrics to measure the ROI of Agile transformation

    metrics to measure the ROI of Agile transformation metrics to measure the ROI of Agile transformation

    Agile transformation

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