Staffing Challenges for Ambitious Software Product Companies

A serious investigation into growth ambitions and how to make them happen. A short while ago, we had conducted a research to understand ISVs, their growth ambitions and their view on how to staff their development in order to reach those goals. Although the economy has not been too friendly to all of us ever since, we still face the fact that good people are hard to come by, and lack of good people is a blocking factor in realizing company growth. Since the core of what ISV’s do is highly custom, and very specific, ISV’s are dependent on excellent people to ensure that their products are cutting edge. Making good software products is still a pretty difficult thing, and regardless of excellent tooling and ever improving best practices, you simply cannot do it if you do not have the right people on board. Software companies are still amongst the highest potential earnest in business, because solving a business problem is simply worth a high prize tag. But to achieve your goals, an excellent team is a must. Services versus products? Or Services because of the product? In the software industry, there is this ever ongoing balance between services and products. Even in … Continue reading Staffing Challenges for Ambitious Software Product Companies