Strategic approach to product roadmap management

In a blog published earlier this week, my colleague Sashikanth outlined the need for aligning the organization with the lifecycle of a product, and has elaborated on how the structure, and people vary at different phases. In a similar manner, product management will also vary according to the product lifecycle phase. In this blog, I aim to make a case that product strategy and lifecycle considerations must be the primary drivers for roadmap management. Start-up phase: Disrupt with an innovative Product 1.0 In the start-up phase, as the product evolves from the ideation stage to development and an alpha/beta release, very often the focus is on differentiating and bringing attention. Largely driven by the vision and thought leadership of the founder/entrepreneur at this stage, the product starts to take shape with focus on delivering the needed impact. Remember that the biggest strengths one has at this stage is their domain expertise, unique insights into the customer problem, and the contours of the solution. The following elements are a part of the initial product strategy during the start-up phase: Focus on who, what, why, and how – who are your target customers, what is their pain point that you will solve, … Continue reading Strategic approach to product roadmap management