The Future of Software Offshoring

Future of Software Offshoring 

Make In India – A Major New National Program

For the last two decades, India has retained its position as the most preferred destination for top global multinational companies looking to offshore their IT and back-office functions. The reasons that have made India a sought after destination are its huge pool of English speaking, technologically sound work force and economic advantage.

In recent years, India has also become a hub for prominent ISVs to open global development and delivery centers as a part of their growth strategy.The infographic below depicts this journey to expansion, growth and success of ISVs in India. In order to harness India’s tremendous potential to contribute to the world economy on a large scale, the goverment of India recently launched the Make in India campaign, which has been designed with a special focus on facilitating investment and fostering innovation.

If you own a software business and are keen to scale your ROI and software product by leveraging India’s skill and talent, then you should consider Making In India.

the future of software offshoring

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