Branding of coMakeIT


Our Website has two Primary colours:

Primary 1:

Primary 2:


Fonts Family

Headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6): Open Sans

Paragraph Text: Roboto

Typography Sizes of Headings

Every Website must follow a font sizes Hierarchy. Our Font Hierarchy would be:

H1: 70px

H2: 45px

H3: 30px

H4: 22px

H5: 20px
H6: 18px

Typography Sizes of Body text: 18px

Call to Action and Promotional Banner Fonts

Heading: 80px
Body Text: 22px
Here is the call to Action examples:

Lists Style

Please do no use the plain Bulleted list(Dots) on the site. The list item must be from the POFO theme of Style-2 to Style-7.

Note: Style-1 is the same dot bullet which we are not supposed o use on the site(Untill and unless something required).

Please Use below Lists Style on the site, case to case basis.

  • List Style-2
  • List Style-3
  • List Style-4
  • List Style-5
  • List Style-6
  • List Style-7List Style-7