A European FinTech startup partnered with coMakeIT to build an algo-driven trading platform for automatic execution of signal-based trading strategies. Download the FinTech case study for more information.


Product Highlights

  • A cloud-based, algo-trading platform for automated execution of signal-based investment strategies
  • Self-learning algorithms and mechanical trading systems
  • Investor-friendly tools for analysis of return, risk, and investment strategies
  • Seamless linkage of all trading parties including signal providers, investors, and brokers
  • Self-investment platform for options, commodities, and equities

Technology Highlights

Case Study on Fintech 1Scalable platform with flexible, modern architecture
Case Study on Fintech 2Open Source stack
Case Study on Fintech 3Lightstreamer with JMS for real-time data streaming

Download pdf version of the e-book