Leverage co-Creation to accelerate your innovation

Collaboration is a critical business need

Due to the rapid pace of technology change and the impact of disruptive business models, even businesses with sophisticated software capabilities are struggling to keep up. As product life cycles get shorter, there is enormous pressure to stay aligned with evolving customer needs and achieve faster time-to-market. In such a scenario, collaboration and innovation strategies such as co-creation are a critical business necessity.

“co-Creation is a powerful innovation strategy to develop state-of-the-art software products and services in a collaborative manner, by complementing a business’s internal core competencies with the technology and engineering skills of a partner

coMakeIT’s co-Creation framework is based on two key facets, technology stewardship and product stewardship.



is not

a product-centric approacha routine, one-off project-driven initiative
an integrated, collaborative product development approachanother creative way of out-sourcing
a holistic, innovation strategyan isolated approach to solve a technology or a business problem

Technology stewardship

We provide technology stewardship to enable businesses increase pace of innovation and reduce the risks of new technology adoption through a broad range of mainstream and emerging technology practices:

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  • Reference architectures
  • Advise on choice of new technologies, modern architectures, and business models
  • Accelerated adoption of emerging technologies
  • Reduce risks of new technology adoption through PoCs
  • Guide choice of modernization strategy

Product Stewardship

With our product heritage, deep-rooted product-thinking, and extensive expertise in building enterprise-class software products for global markets, we provide product stewardship to businesses:

  • Continuous alignment of product with market needs
  • Nurture lifecycle thinking and product mindset
  • Translate product vision into shippable product
  • Structure delivery organization and product teams appropriate to lifecycle needs
  • Help develop sophisticated digital capabilities to productize best practices into software IP
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Driving innovation and growth of businesses across diverse domains

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