Collaborative Innovation

Enabling co-Innovation

Speed, Knowledge Continuity, and Collaboration

Using coMakeIT’s unique co-Innovation platform TOP CloudTM, we enable product businesses to setup and run distributed software factories to achieve rapid innovation. This is our core do-how and mechanism through which our services and solutions are delivered.



Team Operations Platform or TOP CloudTM encapsulates the extensive product development do-how and insights of coMakeIT’s founders and executive management.

TOP CloudTM is a unique, collaborative platform that enables software product businesses to setup distributed software factories with the right people in right roles, working across locations, using integrated process and tools, for continuous product innovation. This unique platform enables software businesses to achieve rapid innovation, and yet stay in complete control. Our key value addition is the manner in which we ensure that the distributed teams are completely integrated with the customer’s native organization and execute seamlessly, with a unified process.

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Distributed Software Factories

Distributed software factories are collaborative teams with the right people in right roles, working across locations using integrated process and tools for continuous delivery of software. Through our extensive insights and product development knowledge base, we help our customers’ setup the following models of distributed software factories:

• Mixed scrum Teams
• Autonomous scrum teams working independently
• Distributed scrum teams working in conjunction

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Distributed Software Factory