Digital Product reinvention

Digital Product Reinvention

Digital product reinvention services

Digital ecosystem needs digital-native products

coMakeIT helps you adopt exponential technologies to reinvent legacy applications into state-of-the-art, software products and services. Our digital product reinvention services enable you to:

    • Build Systems of Intelligence and experience based on AI/ML, AR/VR
    • Develop connected platforms and product clouds based on IoT
    • Develop and deploy cloud and digital-native applications using flexible architectures and event-driven frameworks

A perfect storm of digital disruption has altered the technology and business landscape which can be summarized as below:

  • Software is the primary driver connecting smart products, devices, and services
  • Product is a means to deliver a service
  • Shift in product focus to serve the needs of digital platforms
  • Unprecedented consumerization and potential for mass adoption
  • Digital speed, rapid pace of technology change, and business model innovation

Impact of digital disruption

Impact of digital disruption

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