Digital Transformation

co-Creation of
software-driven IP

Thanks to the impact of digital disruption, literally every brick-n-mortar business is transforming into a digital business. This transformation is happening at multiple levels:

  • digital processes are augmenting or replacing physical processes
  • technology transformation by adopting emerging technologies
  • organizational transformation to become agile
  • leveraging product data to offer information-rich, value-added services

In the midst of this end-to-end transformation into a software-enabled, digital business, the core competency and domain expertise of the business still remains the same.

The biggest challenge and opportunity is in converting the accumulated domain expertise and best-practices into software-driven IP and offer as a service. Unfortunately, most enterprises will encounter difficulties here, as they don’t have expertise in developing software products or services.

cocreation is a powerful paradigm, that has the potential to transform digital enterprises into software powerhouses. Digital enterprises can partner strategically with service providers that have proven capabilities in building software IP, and demonstrated competencies to leverage emerging technologies. This will enable enterprises to fundamentally transform their businesses, leverage the strengths of collaborative partners, and innovate like a true, digital business.

Software Factory as a Service (SFaaS)

Very often, savvy enterprises which are otherwise adept at using sophisticated technology, are not fully equipped to conceptualize, create, and sustain their own software IP. In an environment of continuous business disruption, digital businesses must also be capable of continuous innovation, and master the end-to-end process of software development. coMakeIT’s SFaaS provides:

  • a bespoke software factory, customized to your needs
  • equips the software factory with the right people in right roles
  • sets up the right process, with end-to-end automation, integrated with your environment
  • runs and scales the software factory to fulfill your business needs

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Software Factory as a Service (SFaaS)



Digital Enterprise Strategy

Digital transformation is much more than technology or deployment upgrade, or merely digitizing a physical process. In a digital business ecosystem, a true digital enterprise should be capable of leveraging emerging technologies, take advantage of new opportunities and be part of multiple business models. coMakeIT’s Digital Enterprise Strategy offers the following services:

  • Assessment of digital needs of business landscape, limitations, and opportunities
  • Technology, process, and organizational assessment
  • Digital transformation strategy and roadmap

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