Digital transformation must be product-centric

Productize your best practices into software IP

Enterprises across diverse domains are aiming to transform into digital businesses and offer innovative, digital products and services. This calls for a holistic digital transformation of the enterprise into a product-centric organization. A true digital enterprise must develop sophisticated digital capabilities, akin to that of a software business. With our digital transformation portfolio, we provide:

  • Digital enterprise assessment & strategy
  • co-Creation of software IP
  • Software factory-as-a-service

Digital Transformation Portfolio

Transforming businesses into digital organizations

Digital Transformation 4
Digital Enterprise Strategy & Assesment

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Digital Transformation 5
co-Create software IP

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Digital Transformation 6
Software Factory as a Service (SFaaS)

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Digital Enterprise Assessment & Strategy

For a successful transformation, it is important to assess the current capabilities of the organization and identify the priority areas for building essential digital capabilities.  Our Digital Enterprise Assessment & Strategy service :

  • generates a comprehensive digital assessment report, covering the digital needs of the business landscape, opportunities, and current capabilities; also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of various facets of the business
  • charts a digital transformation strategy and roadmap
Digital Transformation 7

co-Create software IP

As businesses race to gain a competitive edge through innovative digital products and services, they have to either internally create the capabilities of a product-centric organization, or collaborate with partners who have those capabilities.

Through co-Creation:

  • we collaborate with businesses to leverage their domain expertise and productize their best practices into software IP
  • we build new, innovative, data-rich products and services to generate new revenue streams
  • we develop digital innovation capabilities and transform businesses into product-centric organizations
  • we nurture and cultivate a culture of innovation based on product-thinking

Software Factory as a Service (SFaaS)

As businesses pursue product-centric transformation, they often hit a roadblock due to lack of software-related expertise. An essential part of transforming into a digital business is to develop a technology organization with sophisticated software capabilities. With Software Factory-as-a-Service (SFaaS), coMakeIT:

Digital Transformation 9
  • sets up a bespoke software factory for productizing best practices
  • equips the software factory with the right people in the right roles
  • sets up an integrated process with end-to-end automation
  • runs and scales the software factory to continuously co-Create software IP

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Why coMakeIT

  • Productize your best practices and co-Create new software IP
  • Adopt a product-centric approach to drive digital vision, strategy and scale as a digital business
  • Generate new revenue streams through data-rich digital products and services
  • Emulate software company models and transform into an agile, product-centric, software IP-led digital business
  • Leverage the accumulated domain expertise of your core team and complement your innovation capabilities with our technology stewardship and product engineering expertise

Customer Speak

Proven track record of customer success with tangible business outcomes

Digital Transformation 11

We no longer had to worry about capacity constraints or technology capability, which freed us up to focus on expanding our business, and serving our customers well. We literally changed the engine while still flying our aircraft, and reengineered our product architecture to facilitate SaaS deployment.

Dr. Martin Verwijmeren
CEO and co-founder, MPO

Success Story

Digital Transformation 13

We are delighted at the success of our partnership with coMakeIT. They functioned like a true strategic partner and helped us in multiple ways. coMakeIT helped setup a high-quality team which realized significant improvements in quality, process, and product management.

Gert Kwetters
Owner, visionplanner

Digital Transformation 15

coMakeIT helped us recruit highly-skilled developers and architects with expertise in diverse technologies. What we liked most was the fact that our management team was able to personally interview and select from a pool of experienced professionals. coMakeIT further helped us to integrate them with our teams in the Netherlands through frequent travel, and now they innovate, collaborate, and deliver seamlessly as a unified team.

Winfried van Holland
CTO, Iddink Group


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