Distributed Software Factory

Distributed innovation is a strategic necessity

Distributed development is a key competitive differentiator for digital businesses

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coMakeIT has developed three distinct models of distributed software factories, which can be tailored to serve specific customer needs, with the flexibility to start with a basic model and evolve into a mature model gradually.

Software Factory

The demand for delivering continuous value and meet the evolving and changing consumer needs in a fast-paced technology world is driving the industrialization of software development, and the emergence of a software factory. A software factory is a construct of people, processes, and tools, supported by automation and governance for continuous development and delivery of software applications. The continuous process of a factory setup is designed to ensure speed, predictability, and quality.

Distributed Software Factory

Distributed development helps businesses overcome a multitude of challenges and reap enormous benefits including, gaining access to highly skilled talent, operational flexibility, scalability, and cost optimization. A fully integrated, distributed software factory delivers seamlessly, with contributions from geographically distributed teams and can be a strategic differentiator for digital businesses.

Distributed Software Factory e-book

Distributed Software Factory Models

Through our extensive insights and product development knowledge base (our IP), we have evolved three distinct models of distributed software factories, from which one can choose to implement a model that is best-suited for their need. We help our customer’s implement the software factory model of their choice, with the flexibility and agility to evolve gradually from a basic to a more mature model.

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