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Engagement Models 

co-Create with us to shorten your innovation cycle

We have designed team operational models with best practices and insights derived from our extensive experience in scaling product and platform development teams in distributed environments to suit the unique needs of our customers. 

We treat every customer as our only customer.

Be Limitless

Our models are fully scalable and can be tailored to customer-specific needs and conditions.
The underlying quality, technology and product stewardship remain the same irrespective of the chosen model.

Flexible Development Capacity

Small & medium sized software businesses seeking to scale up their product development teams


  • Swiftly recruit and onboard skilled software developers from a pre-screened pool.
  • Leverage the vast, diverse pool of talent available in India skilled in a broad range of technologies.
  • Ramp up without worrying about infrastructure bottlenecks.
  • Scale as per your evolving needs.
Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

When a full-fledged team that can function independently is required.

  • Sets up a customized team tailored to your needs (selected by you) that works for you exclusively.
  • Onboards and operationalizes the team with our unique accelerator TOP Cloud™.
  • Enables you to replicate your native process or adopt a development process better suited for your product and technology roadmaps.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Businesses looking to diversify development footprint and support service delivery across multiple geographies and a distributed organizational setup.


  • Consists of multiple teams, with fully integrated processes and workflow to support co-Creation at scale.
  • Is staffed by people with a broad range of skills, expertise, and capabilities to handle the complete range of innovation needs.
  • Offers all critical roles, functions, and mature governance to support your complete portfolio of products and services.
  • Provides flexibility to handle demand spikes and optimize the cost of services through a judicious mix of onshore and offshore resources.
  • No financial or operational risks, at a much lower cost.
Engagement models offshore development center
Engagement models Company as a Service


Fast-growing software business with the ambition to set up a fully owned, offshore, captive organization.

  • Establishes a Development Center leveraging our shared services, infrastructure, and branding.
  • Shares financial and operational risks of setting up and running the center.
  • Enables gradual scaling up and supports the Center with the right operational control and governance till it achieves maturity.
  • Enables spinoff into a fully owned captive, and as a separate legal entity, on mutually agreed terms and timeline.

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Success stories

coMakeIT helped us recruit highly-skilled developers and architects with expertise in diverse technologies. What we liked most was the fact that we were able to personally interview and select from a pool of experienced professionals. coMakeIT further helped us to integrate them with our teams in the Netherlands through frequent travel, and now they innovate, collaborate, and deliver seamlessly as a unified team.

Winfried van Holland

Ex-CTO, Iddink Group

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