Leverage co-Creation to accelerate your innovation

co-Creation is a unique strategy for product innovation

We fully understand the limitations of Traditional Service Providers (TSPs) and their shortcomings in meeting the needs of software businesses. Our services are based on co-Creation, which is a unique innovation strategy designed to overcome these limitations and enable software businesses to pursue continuous growth. The key differentiating features of co-Creation are:

  • Outcome-based delivery ownership
  • Productized services
  • Knowledge and people continuity
  • Technology and product stewardship

Innovation Accelerators

Powering co-creation, accelerating innovation, and reducing time-to-market

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Team Operations Platform (TOP CloudTM)

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Technology Innovation Center (TIC)

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De-risking with co-Creation

Traditional Service Providers (TSPs)co-Creation
Faceless resources and transient teams
– very little integration, low commitment, and high attrition
peopleNamed resources and dedicated teams
– well-integrated with customers organization, high-level of commitment, and low attrition
No transparency into team operations and management
– Resulting in low predictability in quality and timing
transparencyComplete transparency into day-to-day functioning, with full visibility – Team performance is assured
People movement and team are controlled by the service provider – leads to knowledge and learning investment destructioncontrolCustomer in complete control over the team and processes – Investments in people and knowledge is secured
Very basic and handsoff engagement – a customer/supplier relationshipengagementMature, collaborative Partnership – Your issues are our issues
Complex, and detailed contract management – the contract drives the relationshipcontract managementSimple, transparent Contracts – The relationship drives the contract
Rigid and inflexible with defined scope – Issues are not resolved, goals are not metflexibleCompletely flexible and scalable as per customer business and operational needs – Continuous alignment with Customers goals

Customer Speak

Proven track record of customer success with tangible business outcomes

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We no longer had to worry about capacity constraints or technology capability, which freed us up to focus on expanding our business, and serving our customers well. We literally changed the engine while still flying our aircraft, and reengineered our product architecture to facilitate SaaS deployment.

Dr. Martin Verwijmeren
CEO and co-founder, MPO

Success Story

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We are delighted at the success of our partnership with coMakeIT. They functioned like a true strategic partner and helped us in multiple ways. coMakeIT helped setup a high-quality team which realized significant improvements in quality, process, and product management.

Gert Kwetters
Owner, visionplanner

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coMakeIT helped us recruit highly-skilled developers and architects with expertise in diverse technologies. What we liked most was the fact that our management team was able to personally interview and select from a pool of experienced professionals. coMakeIT further helped us to integrate them with our teams in the Netherlands through frequent travel, and now they innovate, collaborate, and deliver seamlessly as a unified team.

Winfried van Holland
CTO, Iddink Group


Driving innovation and growth of businesses across diverse domains

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