New IP created by software is a strategic differentiator

Digital economy and connected landscape

We now live in a world where people, businesses, devices, data, and processes are seamlessly connected in a digital landscape, and billions of transactions between them drive the digital economy. The impact of disruptive digital technologies, can be seen by the following fundamental changes:

  • Digitization and integration of value chains
  • Digitization of product and service offerings
  • Explosion of data and new digital business models

This unprecedented digitization of products, services, and processes is driving the transformation of every business into a digital business, with the realization that software is the primary connecting thread in this digital landscape.

Every Company is a Software Company

In today’s digital business landscape:

  • Ford sells computers-on-wheels
  • DreamWorks is a technology company in the business of animation
  • FedEx is a logistics company which offers a complete range of software solutions for e-commerce players
  • Xerox is a photocopying company that sells document management and workflow solutions

These businesses have the following in common:

  • Technology, especially software is at the heart of these businesses
  • Even though they are not traditional software companies, they build, own, and support their own software IP.

These iconic businesses have not only transformed their traditional enterprises into digital businesses, but also, in an effort to continuously support their unique software IP, have developed mature capabilities in software innovation, befitting the mantra of every company is a software company.

We help transform traditional businesses into software companies

With a deeply ingrained product DNA and a unique co-innovation platform, we enable transformation of traditional businesses into digital businesses with mature capabilities for continuous software product innovation. Our portfolio of full-lifecycle product innovation and transformation services help businesses achieve:

  • fundamental business transformation
  • transform into an agile organization that prizes risk and innovation and flatten the decision-making processes
  • adoption of a product-centric approach to software innovation
  • transform enterprise IT into innovative IP (software) building factories

coMakeIT is a strategic partner in the transformation of an educational services business

One of our customers is a European market leader in the educational services business, catering to the needs of primary, secondary, and vocational schools. They offer a full-spectrum of technology-enabled services to the entire school ecosystem, spanning teachers, students, and schools.

Like many other domains, education is also undergoing a fundamental transformation due to the impact of exponential technologies. Our customer is not immune to the transformative forces at work, and is on a mission to transform itself into a cutting-edge digital business, with intelligent technologies and software forming the core. They have recently embarked on a transformational journey to leverage exponential technologies and offer:

  • Adaptive and personalized learning
  • Virtual classrooms
  • P2P learning
  • Anytime, anywhere access to customizable content
  • e-learning platform

coMakeIT is proud to be a strategic partner in helping transform this customer into a full-fledged software business. With our full-lifecycle product innovation services, we helped this customer with technology and application modernization, and also in developing new digital-native applications and platforms.