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Account-Based Sales & Marketing platform

Account-Based Sales & Marketing platform

Account-Based Sales & Marketing platform

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Regtech about

With the advent of Inbound and digital marketing, the market is awash with a lot of marketing & sales automation software, but there are very few integrated solutions. Sensing a market need for an integrated solution that can better align sales & marketing teams, a smart entrepreneur approached us a few years ago to seek our help in bringing his idea to life. coMakeIT helped this startup to design, develop, and launch an Account-Based Sales & Marketing SaaS suite with innovative and ground-breaking features. In a very short time, the startup evolved into a fast-growing, highly-valued SaaS business clocking double digit growth.


Regtech challenges

The business savvy founder of the startup was full of ideas and enthusiasm but needed a technology partner like coMakeIT with product DNA, which added the following capabilities:

  • Disciplined product management function for a phased development approach
  • Expertise to define technology, software, and performance specs
  • Experience with sophisticated technologies and software engineering practices
  • Shorter time to market for a quick market validation


Regtech solution

Excepting raising capital, we helped the startup with everything else that included:

  • Defining key roles and competencies needed to fulfil the product vision
  • Full suite of product engineering services ranging from architecture, technology choice, UX design, coding, testing, and deployment
  • Help choose the right technology stack to meet business and performance needs
  • Defined a detailed roadmap for product buildout and quickly developed a MVP for market validation
  • Recruit and setup an agile product team to work exclusively on an iterative product buildout to deliver bi-weekly updates
  • Setup an end-to-end dev street with workflow, QA automation, and cloud deployment


Regtech business impact

  • Achieved market validation and released first commercial version in a record time
  • Quickly gaining traction in key markets with 100+ customers
  • Successfully setup a high-quality, dedicated dev engine to deliver bi-weekly product updates
  • Able to raise further capital based on the success of MVP and 1.0 releases
  • Mitigated technology, engineering, and execution risks