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Set up your own ODC (Offshore Development Center) in India

Agile Development

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    From agile consulting to coaching, and implementation, we offer a complete bouquet of agile services and agile practices

    Agile is no longer a new practice for software product companies, as over the years, many of them have successfully adopted different flavors of agile. But many product companies and traditional IT organizations, which are not of a product nature still struggle with enterprise agile implementations, and also face significant challenges in making it work with geographically distributed teams.

    coMakeIT | Agile Development as a service

    Product DNA and Scrum expertise

    coMakeIT | Agile Development as a service

    Advanced practices for enterprise agile scaling

    coMakeIT | Agile Development as a service

    Best-in-class agile practices

    “Our best practices are designed to ensure successful implementation of agile and scrum in distributed environments”