coMakeIT | Sets up an Innovation hub to support its global expansion

Sets up an Innovation hub to support its global expansion


Chevin faced severe capacity constraints and skill shortages, and struggled to handle accumulated technology debt.  Chevin also needed help in re-architecting its core product into a SaaS suite.


As a strategic partner, coMakeIT sets up a Global Innovation Center (GIC) for Chevin to help meet its long-term goals and support its global operations.

Impact and Business Value

The strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped in quickly developing Chevin Mobile and Chevin Lite and provided additional capacity for handling customer implementations.

About Chevin

Chevin is a UK-based provider of award winning fleet & asset management software solutions. Chevin’s flagship product FleetWave, is a web-based integrated fleet & asset management solution that is used to manage 1,000,000 + vehicles and assets across 180 nations. Chevin serves customers across diverse sectors including private enterprises, government, non-profit, construction, logistics, and large fleet operators. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Derbyshire, UK, Chevin is rapidly expanding its customer footprint across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

coMakeIT | Sets up an Innovation hub to support its global expansion

We weren’t sure, if we were ready for this, but we fell into good hands, and together we really made it work. coMakeIT made us feel like we were their only customer.

Ashley Sowerby, CEO, Chevin Fleet


In the process of rapid expansion of its solution and customer footprint, Chevin faced the following challenges:

  • Lack of expertise in mobile technologies
  • Accumulated technology debt
  • Re-architecture of Fleetwave product suite for SaaS mode
  • Lack of expertise with agile processes such as Scrum for continuous product development
  • Capacity constraints to handle client implementations
  • Shortage of qualified technology resources in UK

Chevin was scouting for an ideal partner who can help it overcome these challenges, support its short-term business requirements, and also assist in gearing up to meet its long-term technology needs.

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Impressed with the quality of people, deep-rooted product development culture, and coMakeIT’s unique co-Innovation model:

  • Chevin selected coMakeIT as a strategic partner to set up a Global Innovation Centre (GIC) to meet its long-term technology needs, and support its global operations
  • Chevin’s GIC was quickly set up with a customized 12-member team that is rapidly expanding
  • coMakeIT replicated Chevin’s development environment and set up a distributed software factory, that is fully integrated with its native operations
  • Through its dedicated technology CoEs, coMakeIT helped Chevin to meet its short-term business needs.

Impact and Business value

The strategic partnership with coMakeIT and the dedicated, India-based GIC helped Chevin realize the following benefits and business value:

  • Developed Chevin Mobile, an enterprise mobile application used by field personnel that eliminates the need for manual paperwork
  • The flexible capacity and technology expertise of coMakeIT’s CoE played a significant role in the implementation of ChevinLite, and integration with client-side systems.
  • Significant improvements to Chevin Academy application that enables training on its flagship FleetWave product