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Set up your own ODC (Offshore Development Center) in India

through our Company-as-a-Service (CaaS)

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Traditional sourcing strategies such as outsourcing to Technology Service Providers (TSPs) and/or setting up a captive through a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach have serious limitations.

Unfortunately, its a proven fact that very few businesses are equipped with the financial, governance, and execution capabilities to deal with the challenges of these tradtional approaches.

Businesses look beyond cost arbitrage and are seeking to develop mature innovation capabilities in their Offshore Development Centers (ODCs). coMakeIT’s unique offering of Company-as-a-Service (CaaS) enables enterprises to achieve their business, technology, and innovation goals while minimizing their investment, governance, and execution risks.

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Key features

For fast-growing software businesses with an ambition to set up captive ODCs, our company-as-a-service model is a perfect fit that:

  • Establishes an ODC leveraging our shared services, infrastructure, and branding
  • Shares financial and operational risks of setting up and running the ODC
  • Enables gradual scaling up of the ODC
  • Supports the ODC with the right operational control and governance till it achieves maturity
  • Enables you to spinoff the ODC into a fully-owned captive, and as a separate legal entity, on mutually agreed terms and timeline


coMakeIT’s unique offering of CaaS is specifically designed to overcome the limitations and challenges of TSPs and captives, and offers the following advantages to software businesses:

  • Named resources and rapid scaling
  • Knowledge retention
  • Insourcing of key competencies
  • Better integration with native teams
  • Mature governance
  • Focus on outcomes and business goals
  • No Capex and only Opex

coMakeIT’s CaaS offering enabled a fast-growing European software maker to realize the following business benefits:

  • Successfully establish a dedicated Global In-house Center (GIC) with mature capabilities, to serve all major geographies with a full-service portfolio
  • Setup a strategic growth engine capable of innovation and transform its core solutions
  • Enable to focus on its core business without having to worry about capacity constraints and talent shortages
  • Help expand its business footprint significantly, increase its customer base by 50% and double its global revenues.
  • Reduce business, operational, and financial risks
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