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a secure and contactless ordering solution for a payment tech company

Contactless Ordering Solution – Hospitality

Contactless Ordering Solution – Hospitality

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Regtech about

The tourism, hospitality & food industries have had a huge business impact during the COVID phase. The world is innovating during the pandemic in all industry verticals, and finding ways to boost the revenue streams to be ready for the post pandemic living.

coMakeIT has joined hands with a start up in payment tech to enable integrated solution for their customers to have a personalized contactless, smart payment experience. The collaborative partnership has resulted in a robust platform with technology focused shift in Restaurant Tech ecosystem to increase customer value.

Regtech challenges

The start up needed the support of a strong technology and engineering partner to address the following challenges:

  • Develop a Technology-first platform to ensure easy and seamless integration capabilities with various payment gateway providers and POS systems
  • Meet customer needs and their demands in payment tech and hospitality industry
  • Support post COVID digital transformation
  • Innovate and transform into a Payment as a service for hospitality industry

Regtech solution

With its extensive expertise in scaling up enterprise-scale software businesses, coMakeIT provided a collaborative partnership to:

  • Build a repeatable and scalable model to integrate new payment providers in to the platform
  • Expand solution footprint to cover more use cases of payment tech such as in seat delivery, contactless ordering & payment, click & collect
  • Onboarding payment providers and POS systems in record time
  • Innovative delivery model to scale up and scale down the team to meet the demands of the business


Regtech business impact

This solution with contactless features will heavily influence how business is going to be conducted in the coming years. By being on time with cutting edge technology stack, this ISV has a market position that is difficult for its competitors to beat.

  • Delivered secure, touchless ordering solution, conforming with social distancing norms
  • Significant improvement of payment experience
  • Facilitate online ordering through local lockdowns
  • Grow food and beverage sales, increase operations efficiency