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coMakeIT | Customer Reference Case LeanappsOur customer LeanApps about working with coMakeIT

LeanApps, based in Naarden, is a software house that creates complete standardised policy management solutions for life insurance and pension companies.

The European life insurance market is changing rapidly and will remain in a state of flux for years to come; the current economic climate is making innovation even more important for this sector. Ultimately this is only possible if the information systems are able to support this constant evolution, which is precisely where LeanApps comes in: its solutions facilitate innovation by its customers. And for LeanApps, for its part, it is vitally important that it is able to continue to build on this innovation platform.

One of the reasons for the company’s success is its collaboration with coMakeIT, its offshore development partner. An excellent example of a successful business network, in which the various partners rely on each other to achieve success, building on each other’s strengths to create a winning combination.

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