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Demystifying Application Modernization

Demystifying Application Modernization white paper

Software businesses that continue to offer and support legacyapp modernization white paper applications and enterprises that run mission-critical processes on such legacy software, realize that they are sitting on a ticking, time bomb. These software-driven businesses understand that unmitigated risk of legacy burden could potentially derail their core business, and also prevent them from innovation and success in a disruptive, digital world.

Even though many CTOs and CIOs acknowledge that legacy application modernization is a high-priority business imperative, they are unsure of the right strategy and way forward.
While choosing an application modernization strategy, one must be aware of the limitations of different conventional approaches, and must also be conscious of the pitfalls of quick fix approaches. This paper is written for technology practitioners and decision makers, and presents:

  • a broad overview of legacy technologies
  • nature of legacy constraints
  • application modernization myths
  • conventional approaches and limitations
  • modern architectural paradigms
  • coMakeIT’s modernization strategies

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