Distributed Innovation through smart Collaboration

Distributed Innovation through smart Collaboration 1Virtually no business is immune from the forces of digital disruption, and to confront this existential threat, every business is becoming a digital business. In this process, businesses realized that majority of the disruptive innovations are software-driven, and to be competitive, every company must become a software company.

With the recognition that software is no longer an operational nice-to-have feature, but is a strategic differentiator, every business is in a rush to develop sophisticated capabilities to build and support their own software. As businesses seek to build software related competencies, they are also confronting a situation, where they either don’t have the required capacity or they lack the required technology and engineering capabilities in-house.

To overcome the multitude of challenges confronting them, many software-driven businesses resorted to distributed innovation giving rise to a massive software offshoring industry. Over the past two decades, in spite of some unhealthy practices creeping in, distributed innovation through software offshoring has become a strategic necessity.

Download this e-book, Distributed Innovation to understand how sophisticated co-innovation models are a better fit for product innovation, compared to the traditional models of software offshoring.

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