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Learn how we helped a leading Australian provider of learning & development solutions to overcome its capacity constraints and develop multiple products concurrently

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    Your skills are the key to your future, says this Australian provider of an innovative platform that makes it easy to ensure you have the professional skills you need to succeed. This provider has 25 years of experience with leading organizations across Australia. The core company focus is on workforce capability development solutions (corporate education and training) and its digital unit takes care of Professional Practice Credentials.

    The company has a direct link with the award-winning University. Academic links coupled with its commercial motives help it to offer the best of both worlds to its customers and work closely with organizations that entrust it with the task of developing their workforce.

    coMakeIT | EdTech LMS Case study

    The R&D IT Lab of the company, which is responsible for the development of various smart and adaptive solutions for the students of the University and the various clients. The challenges faced by this Australian company are:

    • Developing the idea into a business model that is technically feasible.
    • Simultaneously developing multiple products to meet the customer demand.
    • Lack of manpower to develop optimum technologies relevant for customers.
    • Difficulty in post development and maintenance of multiple products simultaneously.
    coMakeIT | EdTech LMS Case study

    Understanding the need to speed up the product development and maintenance of its product stack, This Australian company started looking out for an offshoring partner. Some key highlights of the solutions realized through this strategic partnership are:

    • Created an Architectural and Technical Decision making team to decide the technologies to be used and architecture to be followed.
    • Formed a Project Implementation team to develop an idea into a viable business model.
    • Implemented Test automation and Delivery automation for continuous testing and delivery of various applications.
    • A dedicated team for continuous innovation, development and prototyping activities to meet the customer demands.
    coMakeIT | EdTech LMS Case study

    This successful, strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped the Australian company realize the following benefits and business value:

    • Helped in executing four projects simultaneously by increasing the development team from three people to eight.
    • Developed a customized software factory across locations, that is fully-integrated with its native teams.
    • Made many applications ready for marketing and sales which have the potential to double the revenues of the company.

    The R&D IT Lab of this Australian company is now in a position to provide a wide variety of software solutions to its clients.

    coMakeIT | EdTech LMS Case study