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EdTech Platform

EdTech Platform

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Regtech about

Our client, a leading provider of educational services in the European market was finding it challenging to manage its portfolio of technology solutions, which were used by nearly 2 million students and teachers on a daily basis. We helped our client to manage and modernize the current application portfolio, and build new, high-performance, mission-critical applications. Thanks to coMakeIT’s strategic partnership, our client has successfully fulfilled its ambition of transforming into an integrated, cloud-native, EdTech platform offering personalized education and learning services to a broad spectrum of students and supporting ecosystem.

Regtech challenges

Over the years, our client has built a portfolio of applications (both internally and through acquisitions) with an ambition to become the end-to-end software platform for the education sector. However, it had to deal with the following key challenges:

  • Maintain and support aging technology stacks across multiple product lines
  • Modernize legacy applications and support cloud deployments
  • New feature development to keep up with changing regulations and market needs
  • Innovate and transform into a provider of personalized, student-centric learning solutions


Regtech solution

coMakeIT’s strategic partnership provided much-needed technology and product stewardship to help the client to overcome its challenges and pursue a path of growth and innovation. Key facets of the partnership include:

  • Building a customized, high-quality team with skills in diverse technologies such as Delphi, Java, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes etc.
  • Re-architecture of key applications using new paradigms such as event-sourcing and CQRS
  • Quickly scaling up to a 40-member operation spread across multiple scrum teams that are fully integrated with the clients’ native teams
  • Adopting an integrated process with a unified workflow supported by tools and automation for continuous delivery and frequent releases

In a very short time, coMakeIT succeeded in building a high-performance development and delivery organization that is relied upon by the client as an engine of innovation.


Regtech business impact

The collaborative and strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped our client achieve the following successes:

  • Rearchitect and modernize legacy applications
  • Stabilize maintenance of current portfolio and achieve predicable and regular releases
  • Quickly build and deploy applications with innovative new features
  • Reduce time for new releases
  • Achieve higher quality with test automation
  • Emerge as the leading, cloud-native, EdTech platform in the European market