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Financial Reporting and Accounting Platform

Financial Reporting and Accounting Platform

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Regtech about

An innovative financial software business partnered with coMakeIT to scale up its solution into a cloud-based accounting platform. The strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped this SaaS platform to scale up and meet the demands of hyper growth and cater to the financial planning, reporting, and tax compliance needs of small and medium businesses. The solution has emerged as the leading accountancy cloud platform in the EU region and is currently used by 2500+ accounting firms and 130,000+ end users.

Regtech challenges

After launching its cloud solution, this accountancy software business quickly doubled its subscriptions, which led to the following challenges:

  • Demand for additional capacity to transition customers from desktop version of its software to latest cloud services
  • Expand solution footprint to cover additional areas of taxation and customer relationship management
  • Need for a unified solution and support process to meet the needs of a rapidly growing customer base
  • Scarcity of technology talent to execute its ambitious product and technology roadmap


Regtech solution

With its extensive expertise in scaling up enterprise-scale software businesses, coMakeIT provided a collaborative partnership to:

  • Recruit and setup a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in Microsoft technologies
  • Rapidly scale the team with QA specialists, technology architects, and product owners
  • Implement best-in-class agile product development practices
  • Introduce automation for improving product quality

In less than a year, coMakeIT scaled up the team to 40 + members, which not only helped in overcoming the above challenges, but has also quickly become an engine of innovation on multiple fronts.


Regtech business impact

The partnership with coMakeIT delivered the following successes:

  • Overcome capacity constraints and skill shortages
  • Improved code quality with continuous, static code analysis using SonarQube
  • On a fast-lane to fully automated product releases
  • Automated application monitoring and resolution with advanced Azure services
  • Implemented CI/CD and regression testing as part of an end-to-end DevOps