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Establishes a growth engine to serve its modernization and innovation needs

Growth engine for modernization and innovation

Growth engine for modernization and innovation


CCS was confronted with the dual challenges of supporting its core solution built on Progress, and also simultaneously transform its legacy application with modern technology stacks.


CCS partnered with coMakeIT and set up a dedicated team of highly-skilled engineers to serve as a growth engine for its innovation needs.

Impact and Business Value

The strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped CCS realize significant cost savings, gain a high-performance team, and partially modernize its technology stack.

About CCS

CCS is a provider of innovative software solutions, serving leadingccs insights logo 1 insurers and intermediaries in the Dutch market for the past 30 years. CCS offers customizable software that can be easily integrated with either existing or third-party solutions. CCS provides a modular suite to non-life and income insurers, with comprehensive capabilities in policy management, invoicing, claim processing and workflow support. Key features of CCS suite are:

  • ease of integration due to service-oriented architecture
  • client-portals for consumers, insurers, and intermediaries
  • support for pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services
  • web-based claim processing
  • end-to-end web-based policy administration

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Around 2010, as CCS was aggressively expanding its customer footprint in the Dutch market it faced the following challenges:
  • experienced significant shortage of technology talent with exposure to insurance domain
  • lacked the bandwidth and capacity for customizations and implementations
  • demand from customers to migrate from Progress and modernize the application
  • in need of dedicated capacity for continuous innovation of its core product


The collaborative and strategic partnership between CCS and coMakeIT accomplished the following:

  • established a dedicated team of highly-skilled engineers to serve as a growth engine for its modernization and innovation needs
  • over the past 6-7 years, this team has also built an enviable level of expertise in insurance domain, which in combination with their technology skills is extremely invaluable
  • achieved partial modernization by extracting web services from the legacy application and using a modern UI/UX framework
  • developed and support of CCS Level 7 FO, the current version of the product suite

Impact and Business value

The successful and strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped CCS realize  tangible, business value:

  • the engagement resulted in significant cost savings
  • helped establish a high-performance team with leading-edge technology skills and deep-domain expertise
  • modernize its technology stack

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