coMakeIT | sets up a global hub for continuous innovation of its product suite

sets up a global hub for continuous innovation of its product suite


IDDINK group made a strategic shift from acquisition-led growth and embarked on a challenging pursuit of becoming an end-to-end software platform for the education sector through internal innovation.


Impressed with its successful track record of enabling innovation for many similar product businesses, IDDINK partnered coMakeIT to set up a global hub for continuous innovation of its product suite and execute its platform strategy.

Impact and Business Value

The India-based global innovation hub consisting of multiple scrum teams was set up and quickly scaled in less than a year to support, stabilize,  modernize, and innovate IDDINK’s suite of products.


IDDINK Group is a leading provider of educational services in the Benelux region, and consists of the following key business units and product lines:

  • Magister, school information system primarily for secondary education
  • EduaArte, school information system primarily for vocational education
  • Iddink, distribution of learning materials
    for secondary education

IDDINK serves nearly 80% of secondary and vocational schools in the Netherlands and more than 2 million students, parents, teachers, and administrators use its products and services on a daily basis. From the distribution of school books to managing school systems and providing an online portal for delivering customized learning material, IDDINK offers a full-spectrum of educational services.

coMakeIT | sets up a global hub for continuous innovation of its product suite

coMakeIT helped us recruit highly-skilled developers and architects with expertise in diverse technologies. What we liked most was the fact that our management team was able to personally interview and select from a pool of experienced professionals. coMakeIT further helped us to integrate them with our teams in the Netherlands through frequent travel, and now they innovate, collaborate, and deliver seamlessly as a unified team.

Winfried van Holland, CTO, IDDINK Group


As IDDINK made a strategic shift to become an end-to-end software platform for the education sector, it faced the following challenges:

  • maintain and support aging technology stacks across multiple product lines
  • modernize legacy applications and support cloud deployments
  • new feature development to keep up with changing regulations
  • innovate and transform into a provider of customized student-centric learning solutions

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    The strategic partnership with coMakeIT enabled IDDINK to:

    • recruit and build a high-quality team with skills in diverse technologies such as Delphi, Java, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes etc.
    • set up a global innovation hub and establish a distributed software factory in India
    • quickly scale up to a 40-member operation spread across 7 scrum teams (organized as mixed-scrum teams with equal participation from the Netherlands and India)
    • adopt an integrated process and unified workflow to execute seamlessly; systematically transfer domain expertise to the India-based teams through continuous in-person training and knowledge transfer in the Netherlands and India

    Impact and Business value

    The strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped IDDINK to:

    • establish a global innovation hub with the needed technology and process expertise
    • overcome skill shortages and capacity constraints
    • take control of code base of products that were acquired or were under development with partners
    • Maintain and support legacy stack built with million+ lines of code
    • Initiate plans for application and deployment modernization