Sets up a growth engine with a global innovation hub

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Keylane logosets up a growth engine with a global innovation hub


Keylane was constrained by insufficient engineering capacity for executing product roadmaps and customer implementations, and in recent years faced an additional challenge of integrating multiple acquisitions.


coMakeIT helped Keylane establish a Global Innovation Hub that provided additional engineering capacity, technology & domain expertise to meet the continuous needs of its multiple product lines.

Impact and Business Value

The decade-long partnership enabled Keylane to overcome capacity and technology constraints and provided a flexible engine of growth to meet its continuously evolving business needs.

About Keylane

Keylane is a leading European provider of software solutions to the insurance and pension industry and serves the following verticals:

  • Life
  • Non-Life
  • Pension
  • Banking
  • Employee Benefits

With offices in Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Keylane provides leading-edge solutions to customers across Europe. Keylane is recognized as a leader by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Life Insurance Policy Administration Systems in Europe.

Kees De Ward

 We were successful in establishing an innovation hub in India, which served as an engine of growth to support our continuously evolving business needs. We were delighted at the fact that the core team in India has been with us for over a decade, and has acquired equal domain and product expertise as their Dutch colleagues.  

-Kees De Waard,
Development Manager at Keylane|LeanApps


Over the past decade, Keylane made multiple acquisitions  (LeanApps, Actuera, Quinity, and Schantz) to expand its solution and market footprint. In a fast-changing regulatory environment, Keylane faced the following challenges:

  • Additional development capacity to handle product enhancements, and customer implementations
  • Flexible bandwidth to integrate multiple acquisitions
  • Extending QA automation and agile implementation
  • Release management

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Keylane choose coMakeIT as a strategic technology and service partner, and over the past decade the partnership succeeded in:

  • recruiting and setting up dedicated scrum teams with functional knowledge as well as strong technical skills to work exclusively for Keylane
  • setting up an innovation hub to support product development, QA, and implementation across Keylane’s multiple product lines.
  • establishing integrated agile process, QA automation and common workflow between teams in Netherlands and India
  • building significant domain expertise across product lines in the India-based team

Impact and Business value

The strategic partnership with coMakeIT enabled Keylane to realize the following benefits:

  • extended the coverage of QA automation
  • continuous releases with adoption of distributed-agile development
  • flexible capacity to execute product roadmaps and handle customer projects
  • streamlined release management with quarterly releases and bi-weekly sprints
  • extensive knowledge-buildup and deep insights developed by the India-based team; successfully retained core team for 10+ years