coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017

coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017

Dear Friends and Partners,
We are delighted to share with you all that 2017 is going to be a very special year, as we are celebrating our 10th anniversary as a company. It has been a very rewarding journey, and we were very fortunate for the opportunity to partner and serve some truly outstanding and innovative companies, some of whom have been with us since the day we started our business. On multiple fronts, 2016 has been a very successful year for coMakeIT. While we have strengthened our existing relationships, we have also landed some new and marquee customers, and 2017 promises to be even more rewarding.

coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017

ISO Certification

As part of a continuous effort to standardize, and improve the quality of our services, we were recently audited and certified by TÜV SÜD for Quality Management Systems(ISO 9001:2015) andInformation Security Management Systems (ISO 27001:2013). We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering best-in class services, and the ISO certification is a demonstration of our relentless focus on quality and consistency.

Outreach events

We love to engage our customers and prospects with informative knowledge sharing sessions on topics of relevance. Over the past few months, we hosted/participated in the following events:

  • In April, we co-hosted an Inspiration Session onDigital Transformation,delivered by Frank van Wessel, Chief Digital Officer of Delta Lyold
  • In May, we co-sponsored VIII edition of the popular Get (C)Loud event, where Eduard Schaepman, founder of Tribes, and a leading change management expert delivered the keynote address on Structuring and Managing growth of ISVs.
  • In June, we co-hosted an Inspiration session on the theme: Co-Innovation with Agile teams, where our customers GAC, and HotFloshared their experiences and best practices with a group of prospects, who are exploring the possibility of distributed development.

New Customer Wins

We continue to strengthen our presence in the Dutch market, where we have added some marquee accounts in the past few months. We are delighted to welcome the following new customers to coMakeIT ecosystem:

  • coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017 a market leader in educational services
  • coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017 a pioneering provider of HR software solutions
  • coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017 a leading provider of financial management solutions
  • coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017 a startup, for whom we are helping develop a state-of-the art cloud based, risk and performance management solution, which will hit the market shortly

Co-Innovate with Distributed Software Factories

The demand for delivering continuous value and meet the evolving and changing consumer needs in a fast-paced technology world is driving the industrialization of software development, and the emergence of a software factory.With our extensive insights and product development knowledge base (our IP), we have evolved multiple models of distributed software factories, from which one can choose to implement a model that is best-suited for their need. Download the ebook and learn how we can help you innovate through Distributed Software Factories.

coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017

We will continue to keep you updated with important news, developments and events through this space.

coMakeIT | Newsletter June 2017
Best Regards,
Steven ten Napel