coMakeIT | scales with a Global Innovation Center (GIC)

scales with a Global Innovation Center (GIC)


As PLANON was rapidly expanding its solution and business-footprint across the world, it was constrained by an inability to scale development capacity to serve its fast-growing business needs.


PLANON partnered coMakeIT to establish a Global Innovation Center (GIC) to meet to help it innovate and meet its fast-growing business needs.

Impact and Business Value

Thanks to the strategic partnership with coMakeIT and the Global Innovation Center (GIC) it helped setup, PLANON retained its leadership position and consistently achieved double-digit revenue growth over the past decade.


PLANON is a leading provider of software solutions and services to global businesses for managing their facilities and real estate. Planon serves +2,000 customers across 40 countries, with offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, India, Austria, Hong Kong and The United States. Founded in 1982, with its global headquarters in The Netherlands,PLANON employs +600 professionals across its multiple locations.

Gartner, a leading independent technology research organization, has positioned PLANON as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), every year since 2006. As a market leader in the IWMS space with +30 yrs experience in serving a diverse global clientele, PLANON has consistently invested in product innovation.

coMakeIT | scales with a Global Innovation Center (GIC)

coMakeIT helped us build a full-fledged Global In-house Center (GIC) with well qualified and highly competent resources. We ramped up in a short time frame. Our team has grown to around 100 members and the attrition is so low, that the first cohort is still with us.

-Pierre Guelen,
Founder and Managing Director, PLANON


Over the past decade, as PLANON  rapidly expanded its business and solution footprint, it faced the following challenges and constraints:

  • Demand to embrace technology innovation and move to a SaaS model
  • Needed a Growth Engine  in terms of technology delivery and service capability
  • Strategic need to align its delivery-footprint with service-footprint
  • Acute shortage of skilled technology resources and inability to scale development capacity to serve its growing business needs
  • Difficulty in finding people with skills to deal with technology innovation

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    Impressed by coMakeIT’s product DNA and it’s unique model of collaborative innovation, Planon established a long-term, strategic partnership that resulted in:

    • establishing a full-fledged GIC with nearly +140 strength
    • developing mature capabilities to handle development, services, and support across all products and geographies
    • setting up a strategic, regional innovation hub as part of its global delivery infrastructure

    Impact and Business value

    The nearly 10+ years of strategic partnership with coMakeIT enabled PLANON to:

    • Successfully establish a dedicated Global Innovation Center (GIC) with mature capabilities, to serve all major geographies with a full-service portfolio
    • Through this GIC, gain a strategic growth engine capable of innovation and transformed its core solutions
    • Focus on its core business without having to worry about capacity constraints
    • Expand its business footprint significantly and double its global revenues
    • Increase its customer base by > 50%, and target an annual growth rate of 15%