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Test automation enables you to deliver

better quality, more frequently,
and with higher confidence

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    • A leading provider of educational services in the EU region has a diverse portfolio of software applications, some of which are developed using legacy technologies.
    • These legacy applications are still dependent upon manual regression testing, which means that even the smallest change takes a few weeks to get tested thoroughly.
    • With our Quality Engineering Services, we helped this client transform its in-sprint testing process by introducing comprehensive test management and test automation.
    coMakeIT | Quality Engineering Services Case Study

    The client faced the following quality challenge due to its legacy processes:

    • No Test Management tools
    • Poorly documented test cases
    • Lack of consistent test data
    • All knowledge retained only by individual testers without any organizational memory
    • Manual regression testing that takes 2 to 3 weeks
    coMakeIT | Quality Engineering Services Case Study

    With is extensive expertise in building enterprise class products, coMakeIT set up a dedicated Quality Engineering Team that achieved the following:

    • Set up a dedicated test automation team to work exclusively for this client
    • Selection of test automation and test management tools
    • Facilitated organized knowledge transfer and test case preparation
    • Implement test automation as part of in-sprint activities
    • Preparation of standardized test datasets
    • Integrate the entire process as part of on-demand builds
    coMakeIT | Quality Engineering Services Case Study

    coMakeIT’s Quality engineering Team enabled this EU software maker to realize the following business benefits:

    • Establish the ability to execute 650 (and growing) test scripts in less than 5 hrs, compared to 60 test cases that used to take 5 people and 2 days
    • Complete transition to 100% automated testing without any manual intervention
    • Automation enabled this client to expand the quality spectrum to include non-functional, performance, and security testing.
    • Automated regression tests are run every night as part of daily builds
    • Increased release frequency – weekly and fortnightly releases with higher quality and stability
    coMakeIT | Quality Engineering Services Case Study