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Retail WFM Case study

Workforce Management (WFM)

solution retain its leadership position

Retail Work Force Management (WFM)

Retail Work Force Management (WFM)

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Regtech about

One of our clients is a European software company, which has a market leading Workforce Management (WFM) solution for the Dutch retail sector. Their software helps retail businesses such as supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants to plan, monitor, and optimize their workforce management. Due to significant disruption from emerging technologies and new business models, there is tremendous pressure on our client to innovate their WFM solution to keep up with the changes in the retail industry. We partnered with this client to deal with their challenges and enabled them to retain their leadership position in the Dutch retail market.

Regtech challenges

Our client had to deal with the following challenges in its quest to maintain its leadership position:

  • Technology knowhow to transform its on-prem software into a SaaS solution
  • Shortage of skilled technology resources in the Dutch market
  • Lack of engineering bandwidth to work simultaneously on both future innovation and current application
  • Pressure to modernize and compete with innovative, digital solutions

Regtech solution

With our unique model of collaborative software development and heritage of product lifecycle thinking, we built the WFM solution and addressed the above challenges, by:

  • Recruiting, and setting up a team of skilled developers to work exclusively on their product R&D and innovation
  • Providing the technology and architectural knowhow to build a SaaS solution
  • Establishing a seamless workflow, dev & QA process for collaborative development across geographies
  • Coaching and mentoring on agile, iterative product development

Regtech business impact

The collaborative partnership with coMakeIT enabled the European software maker to realize the following business benefits:

  • Transform its legacy, on-prem software into a state-of-the-art SaaS solution
  • Establish an exclusive engine for continuous R&D and future innovation
  • Develop, new functionality without impacting current customers
  • Launch a mobile app to support seamless resource planning, allocation, and monitoring through mobile phones and handheld devices
  • Expand market share with state-of-the-art solution