Expands it’s IoT solution footprint


roamworks logoexpands it’s IoT solution footprint


As ROAMWORKS sought to expand its solution footprint to multiple domains, it was constrained by lack of capacity and acute shortage of skilled developers.


Entered into a strategic partnership with coMakeIT to overcome capacity constraints and expand its solution footprint to other domains.

Impact and Business Value

Thanks to the partnership with coMakeIT, ROAMWORKS was able to execute its product roadmap, reduce accumulated technology debt and lessen the load on product support.


ROAMWORKS is a Dubai-based provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, serving the following industries:

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Cargo

It’s solutions facilitate Remote Operational Asset Monitoring (ROAM) of industrial assets such as Trucks, Oil Tanks, Construction Machinery, and Cargo containers. 

roamworks cto

 The partnership with coMakeIT helped us to overcome our capacity constraints in a very short time. They have set up a  team of highly-skilled developers who were quickly integrated with our team in Dubai. Together we were able to execute our product roadmap, expand into other domains and modernize our technology stack. 

-Amjad Khan, CTO


As ROAMWORKS sought to leverage its successful M2M and IoT platform and expand its solution footprint to multiple domains, it confronted the following challenges:

  • capacity constraints for expanding its solution footprint to other domains
  • accumulated technology debt and increasing support burden
  • difficulty in maintaining legacy technology stack
  • lack of skilled front-end developers for modernizing legacy UI
  • outdated content and training manuals

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ROAMWORKS entered into a strategic partnership with coMakeIT, which resulted in:

  • recruiting and setting up a dedicated team of developers with Smalltalk skills to work exclusively for ROAMWORKS
  • progressive buildup of domain knowledge for the India-based team
  • additional capacity to execute the solution roadmap and reduce accumulated technology debt

Impact and Business value

The strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped ROAMWORKS to realize the following tangible benefits:

  • enabled expansion of solution footprint to other domains
  • updated and improved product content to reduce support calls
  • reduced accumulated technology debt
  • started modernizing its application from legacy Smalltalk to modern stacks