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Scales with a collaborative Global Delivery Center (GDC)

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Scales with a collaborative Global Delivery Center (GDC)

Scales with a collaborative Global Delivery Center (GDC)


In the midst of a major business expansion, GAC faced significant challenges on multiple fronts, including – people, process, and technology.


GAC entered into a strategic partnership with coMakeIT to overcome its process, people, and technology constraints, and meet the demands of a fast-growing customer base.

Impact and Business Value

The strategic partnership with coMakeIT and the India GDC not only helped GAC to overcome capacity challenges but also yielded substantial long-lasting business benefits.

About GAC

GAC is a Netherlands-based provider of ERP solutions on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform,  with 400+ customers across Benelux and EU. GAC works with specialists to offer modular, customized solutions in the following fields:

  • Production
  • Wholesale
  • Business services
  • Day-care
  • Social employment

“ coMakeIT is an ideal and strategic offshore partner. Their unique co-Innovation model enabled us to focus on building a high-performance team and delivering results, without having to worry about operational issues. coMakeIT gave us excellent support by handling the shared services in a professional manner, helping us to scale up quickly. Now, our team has evolved into a mature, collaborative Global Delivery Center (GDC), that is fully integrated with GAC. ”
arjan daniel
Arjan Daniëls
Team leader Products, GAC


Around 2011, GAC was in the midst of a rapid business expansion to new markets and geographies across Europe, but was constrained by lack of capacity to meet the needs of its fast-growing clientele. GAC also faced the following additional challenges:

  • Scarcity of qualified and experienced Microsoft Dynamics professionals in The Netherlands
  • Inability to execute their technology roadmap, due to lack of capacity and bandwidth
  • Lack of expertise with agile processes such as Scrum for continuous product development
  • Difficulty in handling client requests for customizations and upgrades

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GAC entered into a strategic partnership with coMakeIT to overcome its process, people, and technology constraints. Over the past 6 years, GAC and coMakeIT targeted the following initiatives, which were the foundation for the success of the strategic partnership:

  • Recruited and set up a high-performance team with advanced skills in MS Dynamics NAV
  • Assisted in adopting a fully-integrated, agile process across the geographically distributed teams
  • Setup a distributed software factory with the right people in right roles, using a unified process for seamless delivery
  • Supported in gradually building the India team into a full-fledged GDC with mature capabilities, handling product enhancements, upgrades, and customization
  • Positioned India GDC as a knowledge-center and software factory to support GAC’s global customer base

Impact and Business value

The strategic partnership with coMakeIT helped GAC achieve the following tangible benefits:

  • Savings – Led to a saving of more than € 1 mn over the past 6 years
  • Scaling – gradually scaled from a 2-member team to a 19-member GDC, at a pace that GAC is comfortable with
  • Productivity – Cumulatively 50+ man-years of effort by the India GDC over the past 6 years – contributing towards continuous product enhancements, upgrades, and customizations
  • Time – significantly enhanced pace of customizations and product enhancements