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Case Study

coMakeIT partners with a European ISV to scale up a global

supply chain orchestration solution

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A European ISV partnered with coMakeIT to modernize, expand, and scaleup its innovative solution for multi-enterprise supply chain orchestration. This smart cloud platform is adopted by leading businesses and globally known brands across diverse domains including High Tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and 3PL/4PL.

coMakeIT | Supply Chain Case Study

After validating its initial product with a few early adopters, this bootstrapped ISV faced the following demands:

  • Deliver enhanced functionality at rapid speed
  • Replace adhoc, customer-driven releases with continuous upgrades
  • Unify multiple code bases into a single product
  • Upgrade tech stack and deploy on cloud
coMakeIT | Supply Chain Case Study

With its extensive expertise in building enterprise scale applications for global markets, coMakeIT provided a collaborative partnership that:

  • Merged multiple solutions into a single unified product suite with enhanced functionality
  • Refactored the application to support latest versions of Java and facilitated migration from Cocoon to Wicket framework
  • Adopted a formal release management process with regular scheduled updates
  • Transformed the product into a high-performance SaaS suite
  • Enhanced product quality with automated regression testing
coMakeIT | Supply Chain Case Study
  • 400% increase in customer base
  • Geographical expansion to North America
  • 200% increase in revenue
  • Collaborative partnership with coMakeIT provided a dedicated and customized software factory to meet continuously evolving needs
coMakeIT | Supply Chain Case Study