Supply chains are going to Digital. Are you ready?

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Online retailing is booming, and is set touch a whopping $ 4 trillion by 2020. To meet this phenomenal increase in demand, Suppy Chains are going digital. Is your business ready for this digital transformation?
coMakeIT | Supply Chains are going digital
Read how we helped MPO, a leading SCM solution provider from Netherlands transform into a state-of-the-art Cloud platform, and achieve phenomenal business growth.

For software-driven businesses, we offer the following solutions and services:

Team Extension: Distributed Team Extension that provides a dedicated team of skilled professionals, and offers additional development capacity for startups and scaleups, and enables them to pursue their product innovation roadmaps.

Company Extension: A unique model of distributed company extension through a Global In-house Center (GIC), that provides an innovation engine to meet the development, delivery, and technology goals of enterprise class businesses.

Digital Transformation Services: An extensive portfolio of digital transformation services that enable businesses to overcome technology, process, and engineering challenges and help critical business and technology initiatives to move forward.

coMakeIT’s unique, collaborative, distributed development framework enables businesses to develop innovative software products and solutions, through high-performance, dedicated teams.
Let’s explore how we can help your business achieve its digital transformation goals. Are you available for a quick call?

coMakeIT | Supply Chains are going digital

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