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Transforms its product into a unified, high-performance, SaaS suite

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Transforms its product into a unified, high-performance, SaaS suite

Transforms its product into a unified, high-performance, SaaS suite


MPO was struggling to manage multiple code bases and meet the demand to transform its product into a SaaS suite.


coMakeIT sets up a Distributed Software Factory, working exclusively for MPO to meet its technology and engineering needs.

Impact and Business Value

MPO succeeds in transforming its multiple solutions into a single, high-performance SaaS suite; led to 400% increase in customers and revenues, and a 200% increase in profit.

About MPO

MPO was founded in the year 2000 by two friends and passionate technocrats – Dr. Martin Verwijmeren and Paul van Dongen. MPO offers multinational corporations in logistics, technology, industrial, healthcare, and consumer sectors sophisticated supply chain orchestration services.

MPO’s customers include global brands and blue chip companies such as CEVA, DSV, Geodis, Nippon Express, eBay, IBM, Microsoft, Dow Chemical, Terex, Patagonia and Oakley. In early 2017, MPO received a $10mn USD growth equity investment to fund its international expansion and global marketing.


“ We no longer had to worry about capacity constraints or technology capability, which freed us up to focus on expanding our business, and serving our customers well. We literally changed the engine while still flying our aircraft, and reengineered our product architecture to facilitate SaaS deployment."
Dr. Martin Verwijmeren
CEO and co-founder MPO


After validating its core product, by 2010, MPO was supporting a handful of customers with individual, tailored solutions. Lacking a formal release process, MPO resorted to adhoc, customer-driven releases, which made it not only difficult to handle demands for enhanced functionality, but also a huge challenge to maintain multiple code bases. Additionally, MPO also confronted the following challenges:

  • Need to transform multiple solutions into a single, unified product
  • Demand to deliver its solutions in SaaS mode
  • Additional engineering capacity to expand its solution footprint

MPO understood that substantial re-engineering effort is needed to transform its’ solutions into a single unified product, and deliver it in a SaaS mode.

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In 2011, coMakeIT was chosen as a strategic partner to help MPO overcome its capacity constraints and technology challenges. In a short period of time, coMakeIT helped MPO to setup and run a customized, distributed software factory.  The strategic co-Innovation partnership between MPO and coMakeIT accomplished the following:

  • Recruited experienced Java professionals who became part of a team, that worked exclusively for MPO
  • This high-performance team helped re-engineer and transform MPO’s core product into a SaaS suite
  • Selected right tools, and established common workflow processes to facilitate distributed development
  • Assisted with process and product development know-how to establish a formal release management process
  • Helped setup automated testing with regression

Impact and Business value

The strategic co-Innovation partnership with coMakeIT helped MPO realize the following benefits and business value:

  • Setup a customized software factory across locations, that is fully-integrated with it’s native teams
  • Transformed multiple solutions into a single unified product suite with enhanced functionality
  • Successfully transformed its product into a high-performance SaaS suite
  • Adopted a formal release management process with quarterly releases
  • Improved product quality with regression testing
  • Led to 400 % increase in customer base and revenues
  • 200% increase in profits