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Trilogy of Low-code Platforms

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What does a low-code platform mean for you?thumbnail trilogy of low code

Low-code platforms offer a powerful visual environment for the rapid development of web and mobile applications using widgets and drag-and-drop components. The greatest advantage of the low-code platform lies in the fact that it not only does away with the need for coding of routine infrastructure tasks but also enables developers to abstract complex functionality through visual modeling and reusable code blocks.

These unique features of a low-code platform enable the non-technical, business person to work together with professional developers to rapidly develop and deploy, highly scalable apps, in a fraction of time compared to traditional development methods. In this e-book, we present the trilogy:

  • Most common myths about low-code platforms
  • Guide to evaluate Low-code platforms
  • Legacy Modernization: straddling the fence?

Download pdf version of the e-book