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Center of Excellence

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Realizing early on that delivering knowledge to the right audience is as important as delivering software, coMakeIT developed expertise to build scalable communities using the world-class capabilities of Verint/Telligent community platform.

coMakeIT has a dedicatedVerint Community Center of Excellence (CoE) that can deliver ad-hoc or permanent technical support to design, develop, and maintain your Verint Community/Telligent platform. coMakeIT also partners with coMakeIT | Verint Community/Telligent Center of Excellence on all strategic aspects of Technology, Customer Experience, and Engagement to provide One-Stop technology support and ensure the success of your Verint Community/Telligent implementation.Telligent-3Sides-coMakeIT partnership addresses all technology, people, and process related challenges to ensure your Community effort is embedded in your business. With an experienced and dedicated team of platform developers, coMakeIT supports Verint Community/Telligent implementations with the following services:

  • Support for your Community Manager
    Your community manager will now have a perso to go to, and can confidently focus on the business while we take care of the technology.
  • Quick upgrade
    We ensure quick upgrades of your platform so that you can quickly benefit from new capabilities that are available in new releases.
  • Business continuity & rapid time to market
    We make sure you have the right people available at all times
  • Incident handling and vendor management
    We proactively handle issues with the vendor before they become a problem to you. As a partner we have priority access to the vendor.
  • Leverage
    Lessons we learn from other customers, we apply to you too. Including the reuse of previousl developed components.
  • Security and compliance
    We work with customers with the highest security and compliance standards, and have built specific GDPR components on top of the Verint Community/Telligent platform for our most demanding customers.
  • Platform expertise
    We have designers with demonstrated design experience for Verint Community/Telligent.
  • Platform development/enhancements
    We help implement platform developments and enhancements that are customized to work in your environment, and built in such a way that you can continue to upgrade.
  • Development rigor
    We work according to Kanban or Scrum with the standard DTAP practice to ensure your deliverables are developed, tested and deployed properly.
  • Migration and System Administration
    We support both On-Prem and Cloud deployments.
  • SSO & integrations with peripheral systems
    No community stands alone and there are always integrations with other systems. We support a broad range of integrations.
  • Want your own Community App?
    coMakeIT has built a Verint Community/Telligent App (for both Apple iStore and Google Play store) that can be used with your brand.
  • Community knowledge
    Our developers have more than a decade of deep community knowledge, and they know how to translate your needs and can also help you prevent pitfalls.