coMakeIT | Collaborating to transform into a leading financial reporting and accounting platform

Collaborating to transform into a leading financial reporting and accounting platform


Capacity constraints and lack of bandwidth to meet the demands of a customer base that doubled from 2016 to 2017, and for moving from on-premise versions to cloud versions.


Set up a dedicated co-innovation team to handle Visionplanner’s explosive growth, assist in customer transitions to cloud versions, and be a strategic partner in formulating & executing a strategy for platform transformation.

Impact and Business Value

Helped establish a fast-growing, offshore, co-Innovation team with high-quality resources, led to improved product quality with better process and regression testing and streamlined product management.

About Visionplanner

Visionplanner is a leading provider of financial reporting and accounting solutions to small and medium-sized companies, accountants, and administrative offices. Over the past few years, Visionploanner has grown exponentially and currently serves 6,000+ clients in the Benelux region. Founded in 1996, Visionplanner is a pioneer that thrives on continuous innovation, with a relentless focus on expanding its solution footprint to meet evolving customer needs. In 2013, Visionplanner launched its cloud version, which helped in doubling its customers by 2017. Its vision is to transform into a leading, financial reporting and accounting platform. 

coMakeIT | Collaborating to transform into a leading financial reporting and accounting platform

We are delighted at the success of our partnership with coMakeIT. They functioned like a true strategic partner and helped us in multiple ways. coMakeIT helped setup a high-quality team which realized significant improvements in quality, process, and product management

Gert Kwetters, Owner Visionplanner


After launching its cloud solution, Visionplanner quickly doubled its subscriptions from 48K to 96K by 2017. In addition to meeting the demands of a fast-expanding customer base, Visionplanner faced the following  challenges:

  • capacity constraints to help transition customers from desktop version of its software to latest cloud services
  • lack of bandwidth to work on expanding the solution footprint to cover more areas of taxation and customer relationship management
  • demand for a unified solution and support process to cater to the needs of a rapidly growing customer base
  • scarcity of technology talent in The Netherlands to execute an ambitious product and technology roadmap

Visionplanner realized that if it cannot find talent locally, it should explore quality offshoring to serve its growth needs.

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    coMakeIT and Visionplanner forged a strategic partnership, that focused on the following goals:

    • setup a dedicated co-innovation team, consisting of top-notch professionals with expertise in Microsoft stack
    • rapidly scale the team with QA specialists, technology architects, and product managers
    • implement best-in-class agile product development practices
    • introduce automation for improving product quality

    In a very short time, coMakeIT helped recruit, set up, and scale a 15-member team working exclusively for Visionplanner. This team not only helped in overcoming some of the challenges cited above, but has quickly become an engine of innovation for Visionplanner, on multiple fronts.

    Impact and Business value

    With the help of co-Innovation team set up by coMakeIT,  Visionplanner realized numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:

    • overcame capacity constraints and skill shortages
    • introduced automated application monitoring and resolution with advanced Azure services
    • continuous, static code analysis and improved code quality with Sonar Cube
    • implemented CI/CD and regression testing as part of an end-to-end DevOps
    • on a fast-lane to fully automated product releases
    • helped adopt a sophisticated social monitoring algorithm for targeted prospecting