Offshore Software Development in small and midsize companies

coMakeIT | whitepaper research eindhoven university on offshoring for isvsA scientific paper based on qualitative research

Offshore software development is a well investigated topic for large and multinational companies.

For small to midsize companies, this is an underdeveloped area in the literature.
The author conducted a qualitative research to uncover success factors with offshore software development. This research has been done with eight client cases offshoring to a partner company in India. Interviews have been conducted with software development managers from Dutch companies partnering with coMakeIT. Also, interviews have been held with employees in India. From this research, 6 co-ordination mechanisms are extracted which leverage success in the cases that have been researched.

For different types of software development, different mechanisms can be advised.


  • Software development
  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Small and midsize companies
  • Co-ordination mechanisms

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