ISV Solutions

With TOP CloudTM , the customer is always in control of his product organization and technology roadmap


The key to sustained excellence and continuous innovation in building great software products is to ensure that your product organization is setup with the right people in right roles, supported by agile processes and automation. With our TOP CloudTM driven solutions & services, we can help you to do just that.



ISV Solutions

With our extensive expertise in building robust product organizations, we can tailor your solution for the lifecycle stage of your product. Our solutions are designed to enhance and complement your domain expertise, with sophisticated capacity extension and top-notch product engineering capabilities.

Product DNA

With our unique Product DNA and extensive product engineering expertise, we have successfully translated our insights (Know-how) into a tangible set of practices and methodologies (Do-How), as reflected in our portfolio of ISV solutions and services.

Key needs of a Product organization

  • Knowledge continuity

  • Cutting edge technology skills

  • Dedicated teams

  • Agile process framework and automation

  • Right people in right roles