Company Extension

Global In-house Center (GIC)
for enterprise class ISVs

Sustained growth in software business is hard to achieve. We make it possible

With our GIC, transform your product into a platform and expand into new geographies

As an enterprise class ISV you could be:


  • Struggling with capacity constraints, shortage of skilled talent, and accumulated tech debt

  • Having difficulty in executing product roadmap, handling technology transformations, and falling behind on customer service requests

  • Difficulty in sustaining growth rates, but wary of offshoring either because of governance concerns or lack of risk appetite and investment constraints

  • Looking at expanding your development and service footprint to serve new geographies

Extend your capacity with a Global In-house Center (GIC)

Over the past decade, many technology giants have embraced a global R&D model, by setting up Global In-house Centers (GIC), catering exclusively to their needs. Their success demonstrated to ISVs that they can reap the advantages of offshoring without sacrificing control over their technology roadmap. Setting up a GIC capable of delivering cutting edge innovation is not an overnight job, and it will take time as well as organizational and process maturity to achieve the desired productivity goals. Our unique model of GIC, where we take care of the center management, so that the customer can focus exclusively on delivery management is a great solution for overcoming governance constraints and risk management.


For enterprise class ISVs, coMakeIT’s GIC offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for upfront Capex investment, and limits the ISVs exposure to Opex

  • Assured fast scale up, as all physical and organizational needs are met through our shared services

  • Customer can focus exclusively on delivery management

  • Provides an innovation engine to meet your development, delivery, and technology goals

  • Sustained growth by facilitating transformation of product into a platform, and expansion to new geographies

Customer Success Story


Planon is a leading provider of a comprehensive suite of Facility Management Solutions and is recognized by Gartner as a leader in the IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Solutions) space.

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